The natural process of healing was thought by early peoples to be affected by God and his priests and saints. Healers used the laying on of hands and special words and prayers.  The healing of the sick by touch and the laying on of hands has been practiced for centuries. In the Hebrew Bible there […]

Healing by Hands in Ancient Times

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian healing system taught as part of the spiritual practices in the high temples. It is very similar to Reiki, in that it is channeled through the hands of the practitioner, working on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; accelerating our personal development and elevating our vibrational frequency.  Healing […]


The most destructive habit = worry  The greatest joy = giving The greatest loss = loss of self-respect  The most satisfying work= helping others The ugliest personality trait = selfishness  The most endangered species= dedicated leaders Our greatest natural resource= our youth The greatest “shot in the arm” = encouragement  The greatest problem to overcome= […]

The Powerful List


How much time do you spend staring at a screen each day? Our increasing reliance on technology means many of us are spending less time outdoors. The Restorative Power of Nature Nature allows us to step away from the demands of our daily life. It comforts us and calms our nervous system. Being outside nurtures […]

Get Into Nature

Walking barefoot through water

Have you ever noticed that when we want to indicate ourselves to someone, we always tap the center of our chest and say “me” or “I”? Nobody ever points to their head. Interesting, right? It’s because our sentience (what we really are) resides in the center of our chest between the heart and spine. Sentience […]

What We Really Are

Yoga practice in front of a waterfall with Sanctus Heal

Everything happens because of our intention, period. The life you created is a result of your intentions. Once you harness the Self properly, including the higher frequencies of your desire and intention, you become a master creator instead of a master of limitations. Your doubt (low frequency) is what throws water on the fire of […]

The Power of Intention

Yoga in front of a waterfall

People tend to fixate on what their life purpose is, who they are, what they stand for. They have a huge question mark hanging over their heads and either jump into every option or become immobilized by their own fears. The funny thing about this is that their life purpose has been trying to get […]

Life Purpose

Closeup of woman doing Yoga at Sanctus Oakville, ON

Remember when we were children and the world was full of possibilities? Everything was new, interesting, we were curious, open, creative, and innocent. Well, that child, that little girl or boy, is still inside of you right now. Let’s bring them out for a second and tap into that beginner-like state of mind. We are […]

Redesign Your Life

Rachel Rosset Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor sitting in the forest