Empowering Wellness and Healing: Guiding Others on Their Journey to Self-Discovery and Optimal Health

About Rachel Rosset

I received my Reiki Master certification at seventeen, practicing yoga for a few years prior. 

Known for my skills at supporting others with life’s challenges, I have a natural inclination to help guide people to heal themselves and to know their worth. 

The advent of Reiki in my life was unexpected, as I had not actively sought it out. 

My natural inclination toward emotional and spiritual support in individuals led me toward pursuing this modality. 

As a healing practice, Reiki facilitates the treatment of disharmonious energy, bringing with it a sense of ease and relaxation. 

Optimal healing takes place when harmony is engaged, and presence is promoted by the unhindered flow of energy within. 

Always passionate about health and healing, I’ve been immersed in the wellness sector since a very early age. 

I take pride in my work supporting those who find healing through unconventional means to be of significance in their personal journey.

Through yoga I have found physical, mental and spiritual power. 

Having used this practice since a young age, yoga and its interplay of reiki and energy work have come natural to me. 

Teaching is rewarding and transformative for both myself and my students.

Bonding through movement unleashes a sense of purpose and fulfillment, particularly when that movement is grounded in prospects of self-growth and attaining personal health goals. 

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- emma jones

Rachel from Sanctus helped me gain clarity on what my next action steps would be in both my business and life. Our coaching sessions were productive, helped me find so much clarity and incredibly worthwhile."

"She genuinely cares about her students & I deeply valued the 6 months I spent with her.