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Moving and shifting energy to unveil clarity, confidence and a calm sense of self.

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Reiki Energy Healing & Yoga Instruction

based in downtown oakville, ontario

“Rachel’s intuitive energy is absolutely amazing. She is full of positivity and guidance with a passion that you can’t help but sense. Reiki with Rachel left me ultimately energized, yet light and relaxed. I felt totally rebalanced with an unexplainable wonderful warmth in my heart chakra. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to anyone that wants to feel like they have been reborn. Thank you Rachel."

- Melanie DeCarvalho

At the age of seventeen, I obtained my Reiki Master certification, having already cultivated a passion for yoga and a natural ability to support others through life's challenges, guiding them towards self-healing and self-worth.

The unexpected discovery of Reiki in my life aligned perfectly with my innate inclination to provide emotional and spiritual support to individuals, allowing me to facilitate the treatment of disharmonious energy, promote ease and relaxation, and create an unhindered flow of healing energy for optimal well-being.

With a deep-rooted connection to yoga and its integration with Reiki and energy work, I have personally experienced the profound physical, mental, and spiritual power these practices hold, making the practice a natural and transformative journey that I am honoured to share with my students, fostering a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and personal growth in attaining their health goals.

certified Reiki Master & yoga instructor

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A chakra, which means “spinning wheel of energy,” is part of an energetic system that exists for all incarnate life but varies according to form factor, vehicle, or species. Chakras transform both higher and lower frequency subtle energies in order to sustain the form and functionality of any body type within the physical universe. This more subtle frequential energy is utilized or metabolized by the chakra system, and this is what sustains the functionality of the life “form”, including its organs, systems, body parts, cells, etc. 

Reiki is excellent in relieving pain, discomfort in the physical body and eases both grief and anxiety as well as lack of self-confidence and insecurities. Reiki also provides healing energy for cancer and other sickness and disease and has been found to be a proven modality in many other areas as well.

Reiki is healing energy that automatically goes to the area in your physical body and spirit where healing is most required. It ensures your entire spirit is in alignment by focusing on the elimination of blocks in your physical body and chakras. 

What is Reiki?

Lesley Harper

When I first walked in for a Reiki session, I was emotionally drained and felt very heavy. I left that session feeling lighter than a feather. I was blown away. Rachel is someone I can count on to Reiki me.”

“Rachel is a natural healer. She understands energy on a very deep intuitive scale.

Sanctus Services

reiki & yoga


1:1 Reiki Healing Sessions

Experience deep relaxation and holistic balance through a transformative Reiki healing session that harnesses universal energy to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


1:1 Yoga sessions

A private yoga session personalized to your physical and spiritual needs. Learn more about yoga or address specific areas of concern such as flexibility, strength or balance.


Reiki and Yoga Packages

 Combining the gentle power of yoga and the transformative energy of Reiki to align your chakras, enhance your physical and mental health, to leave you feeling grounded, and harmonized.

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- Sarah Wilson

I have never felt anything like it. I experienced such a unique out-of-body sensation. I almost felt as though I was floating on a large body of water, where all my stress and worries washed away. The service was so positive, and I truly believe everyone should give it a try!”

“My reiki session with Rachel was beyond relaxing and rejuvenating.

Common Questions

How does Reiki work?

In our reiki session, you will lie down on a massage chair with your eyes closed; fully relaxed and unwinding to soft music playing in the background. Once you are fully comfortable and ready to begin, I will hold my hands above your chakras only and begin with the healing process. During this time is when the reiki healing energy transfers from my hands to your physical body and spirit. I will also place crystals on your physical body over your chakras, this helps to assist in the energy healing process. 

How are crystals used?

Crystals and minerals have been used to facilitate healing and spiritual growth for thousands of years, tracing back to Ancient Egypt all the way to India’s Ayurvedic records and traditional Chinese medicine. Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals to heal and restore balance. Crystals are placed around and on different parts of the body to construct an energy grid in which the crystals cleanse and energize the chakras.

This type of healing therapy helps to release impending blockages, refining the flow of energy and induce a deep state of tranquility while reducing mental and nervous states.

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Yoga practice in front of a waterfall with Sanctus Heal
Stephanie Samples

"At the very beginning when I was lying down, I experienced a pop sensation from my leg (similar to when a cork is being popped out of a bottle) the sensation was the relief of the pain in my leg. The pain was released from my leg.
Rachel works at a hover so there is no touching. It was magical."

“The pain was released from my leg. It was magical."